Mattress Palooza – tenative 1/29/22

Mattress Palooza is a one day event hosted by the Lake Highlands High School band providing the community a way to save money on new bed while supporting the program.

For that one day, the band hall is turned into a mattress show room, just like a retail store. Over 20 name brand beds are available to try in a relaxed, friendly, no pressure setting. In addition, pillows, sheets, mattress protectors and bed frames are also available. Every purchase benefits the band!

What is needed from the parents and student for this fundraiser?

Promote, Promote, Promote the event!

The success of this relies entirely on us getting the word out about it. In 2018,  the event raised $15,000 to support the Lake Highlands cluster bands!

To help promote the event, three things are asked of each family:

  • Text a copy of the flyer to all your friends and family.
  • Join the Facebook event and Invite all your friends
  • Share the flyer via email and social media.

There will be an informational meeting in January and  opportunities to volunteer the day of the event.

Check out this YouTube video to see how it works: Mattress Fundraising

Lake Highlands Band Hall Transformed!

MP Bandhall