Varsity Revue

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What is Varsity Revue? Varsity Revue is a school-wide variety show that features the talents and artistry of our student body AND is a major fundraiser for our band program. “VR” dates back decades at LHHS and is a time-honored tradition.

When is VR this year? VR always falls on the Thursday and Saturday of homecoming weekend. This year the performances will be on:

Thursday, October 17, 2019 at 7:00 pm
Saturday, October 19, 2019 at 6:00 pm (ends before Homecoming dance begins)

How does LHABC fund raise via VR? We earn funds via ticket sales and VR Program ad sales, and this year individual program shout outs, as well as live performance shout outs. Last year our revenue totaled nearly $8700, and our goal this year is to surpass $10,000.

How can I help us reach that fundraising goal? So glad you asked! Our LHABC parents are crucial to making this goal a reality, and your help is needed in a few different ways:

  • Sign up to contact local businesses and LH families about purchasing ad space in our program (ad space generates over half our revenue from VR. ) Click here to find the Ad Order Form.
  • Sign up to help sell tickets to the programs (ticket sales will occur during lunches leading up to VR)
  • Sign up to help at VR (we will need volunteers to help hand out programs, and take tickets)

My kid is super talented- can she/he perform in VR? Any student attending LHHS may audition for VR, and Aaron Singleton will be taking on that aspect of the program. In addition, look for the Wildcat Band to close out each performance! Click here for audition information and audition forms.

QUESTIONS? Contact Lori Read or 214-533-7192

Be on the lookout for more information soon about specifics on VR volunteer opportunities!!!