Up Tempo – Fundraising Campaign 2021!!!


July 28, 2021

Hello Lake Highlands High School Band Parents, 

The LHHS Band will be kicking off our Up Tempo Fundraising Campaign soon!  This campaign allows our students to receive donations from their family and friends.  To assist our fundraising efforts, we are asking you to help your son/daughter obtain permission for and gather 20 email addresses of his/her closest supporters.  

Family and friends will then receive an email directing them to the student’s personal web page providing an easy way for them to donate.   

Up-Tempo Email Campaign Facts: 

1.   Safe and Protected – Up Tempo utilizes a safe and secure online donation system.  All data is private and never redistributed. Personal information displayed is less detailed than what is given on a team online roster or your school’s annual yearbook, with no personal information other than name and optional picture/selfie.  Your contacts are strictly private and protected, never sold or shared and will be deleted after the campaign.   

2.   Online donation system – Up Tempo is basically an online donation platform inviting potential donors via email and social media to visit the web page where they can easily donate and support your program.  All supporters will receive an emailed receipt for their tax-deductible gift.  Four reminder emails will be sent throughout the campaign with the option to unsubscribe.  

We are asking you to assist your son/daughter by obtaining permission for and gathering 20 emails and phone numbers of people closest to him/her that may be potential donors. The phone numbers are in addition to the emails-they do not replace them.  Your student will need to bring these by Wednesday, August 4th and we will help set up his/her profile and host our “Live Kickoff” for the students to reach out to the people on their list.  Thank You! 

If you have specific questions regarding Up Tempo Fundraising, please contact Mindy Purcell at mindypurcell@uptempofundraising.com 

Thanks in advance for your assistance with this fundraiser which will benefit the entire band.


Leigh Ann Murchison

Amanda Melton

LHABC Co-Presidents