Reporting Volunteer Hours

Why? Total band volunteer hours donated are reported to the PTA monthly because the PTA must get 1/3 of its support from the general public to maintain its nonprofit status. The IRS attributes a dollar amount to volunteer hours donated. Volunteer hours can be a marketing tool to raise public awareness, and foundation grantors often look at volunteer hours when considering apportionment of grant funds.

What counts? E-mails, phone calls, baking, chaperoning, MUM making, travel, fundraising, snowball unloading. If it benefits the band, school or district, it counts!

Specifics are not important. All we need is a lump sum total for the month. Please report your LHHS or LHFC band-related volunteer hours at the end of each month to Karen Hohnstein at

Last year, our band had the highest reported number of volunteer hours of any Lake Highlands High School organization! Go Band!