Reagan Brumley

It is with tremendous excitement and a huge sense of duty to your legacy that I introduce myself to you as the new Director of Bands/Fine Arts Coordinator at Lake Highlands High School. Though I have taught band at various levels for 18 years, two of the most special years in my career were spent as an assistant band director at LH from 2006-2008. It was during that time that I learned what true excellence from high school musicians looks and sounds like, what your decades of rich tradition represents, and what a unique and wonderful place to raise kids the LH community is. In fact, that feeling was so strong that my wife and I moved into Lake Highlands five years ago and are now raising our own children here; they are all future Wildcats!

Outside of my family, there is nothing in my life that brings me greater joy than sharing my passion for music with students and using band as a vehicle to teach what it takes to commit to something greater than one’s self in the pursuit of excellence. I have been fortunate over the years to be able to share this pursuit with many students and see them realize the fruits of their labor. This has resulted in building the band program at my last school, Highland Park High School, into one that enjoyed high levels of competitive success at the state and national level. While those competitive successes were gratifying and are things that I am certain we will achieve together at LHHS, the biggest reward came from the individual relationships, student to student and teacher to student, and learning how much everyone was willing to invest in each other for the good of the group and how much more we all have in common than we have differences. Those relationships are the true rewards, and I truly can’t wait to form them with each one of you!


Reagan Brumley- Director of Bands/Fine Arts Coordinator

Lake Highlands HS