Band Dictionary

Here are some helpful terms that are commonly used in LHHS Band.

Lake Highlands Band Dictionary

Band Time: (Begins at/Ends at): For “begins at 7am,” read 6:45; for “ends at 10:00am,” read 10:15am. This applies to all Band times. All Band Members are required to arrive 15 minutes earlier than the stated beginning time. All Band Leaders are required to arrive 30 minutes earlier. We tell students to text parents when we near the school returning from an away game or competition to help with wait times for pick up.

Band Camp:  These are summer rehearsals in August before school starts. This is when the band works on marching skills and learns the music for the season’s show. The band calendar will be updated with the latest schedule on the LHHS Band Calendar page. Students may go home for lunch and to shower, or they may bring lunch to eat in the band hall. Morning practices are outdoors working on marching skills. Afternoon practices are indoors working in sections.

Battery: The part of the Drumline  that marches on the field during the show.

Booster Club: Parent(s) of a band student who actively supports the Band! Everyone who has a student in the band is automatically a member of the Booster Club (aka, LHABC). It takes a lot of boosters and volunteers to run the organization that makes the band possible: Uniforms, Meals, Chaperones, Transportation, Water, Water, Water…. Yes, you want to be a booster!

Drumline: Synonym for Percussion. Comprises the Pit and the Battery. The Drumline has additional summer camps before Band Camp and competitions throughout the year. Check the calendar for the dates of the additional Drumline & Pit Camps.

Drum Major: The Drum Major is the top rung of the band’s student leadership. During performances the Drum Majors conduct the band. They represent the band at competitions and at home to the Band Directors. They wear the “Highlands” kilts! Your student should know the names of all Drum Majors and have their phone numbers.

Front Ensemble:  The part of the Percussion Section that does not march on the field during the show. These are the stationary instruments that add color to the traditional winds and drums that do march on the field: xylophones, keyboards, rack, electronics, chimes, and whatever else  the Band Directors think will be fun! Front Ensemble is very cool….

Color Guard: this is the section of the band that dances and wields flags, rifles, and sabres, adding visual interest to the band’s performance. Guard has summer camps before the whole Band Camp and participate in Color Guard competitions throughout the year. Check the calendar for the dates of the additional Guard Camps.

Leadership: This refers to the student leaders of the band. There is a hierarchy comprising three levels, students audition each year for positions of leadership, they receive impressive leadership training before and after auditions, and they are chosen by the Band Directors. The three levels are Drill Assistant, Section Leader, and Drum Major. Leaders arrive earlier and stay later, have extensive and substantive responsibilities, demand and receive respect.

LHABC: Acronym for Lake Highlands Area Band Club, the organization comprising the parents of students in the Forest Meadow Junior High, Lake Highlands Junior High, and Lake Highlands High School bands. Informally referred to as the “Boosters”.

Marching Pass-offs: Weekly checks of the student’s memory work, conducted by either the Band Directors or Section Leaders, which, if passed, allow the student to participate in the Friday night performances.  Ask about pass-offs every week to ensure they happen!

Pit Pops: Traditionally though not exclusively band dads who “build things, move things, and grill things.” They build the props for the show (and whatever else the band needs built), they move the Pit and other equipment, whether from the band hall to the stadium or from the band hall to Hawaii, and they grill hamburgers, hotdogs, and whatever else the Meals Moms give them for the “tailgate” meals we serve the band before home games. They have awesome shirts, too.

Registration: Your student is already registered for Band with the school as a class, but you need to register for participation in the activity. Registration takes about an hour, involves completing forms, ensuring information in the School database is correct, and paying fees. There is a first-year fee of that covers all of the meals we serve before football games and during competitions; an athletic bag with the student’s name embroidered on it, in which ALL of the non-instrument gear travels; marching shoes; a LARGE water bottle; a band t-shirt (worn under uniform); tailoring of both marching and concert uniforms. If your student is using a school-owned instrument, the fee for that is due at Registration also. There will be many additional items for purchase, private lessons to sign up for, and LHABC committees to volunteer with. You may pay for Registration fees with cash, check, credit card, or a monthly payment plan (Registration fee only, not instrument).