Frequently Asked Questions for New Band Members

Frequently asked questions by 8th Graders (and their parents) who are thinking about joining the LHHS band.

1. What band classes are offered at LH? 

Students are placed in one of 3 concert bands based on an audition in May. These classes include Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, and Concert Band. In addition a band member can also audition for jazz band.

2. How does the band audition process work? 

Students are given audition music and information concerning the audition in April. The high school directors hear the junior high students audition at their Jr. High campus following a schedule set up with the Jr. High directors. The auditions will take place in May and consist of major scales, chromatic scale, and the tryout music.

3. What if I am not the greatest at my instrument?

There is a place for you in the LH Band regardless of your playing ability. All we ask is that you are willing to try your best to improve on your instrument and show a positive attitude.

4. Do all students in the band program march? 

Yes!  Every student participates in the marching band show.

5. If a student is in athletics and cannot march what happens? 

That student plays in their band class and does all other band activities. Many times junior varsity football players go to the games and play with the band in the stands.

6. Can I be in other organizations (e.g. choir, drill team, cheerleading, theater) or have a job while in band?

Yes!  We have band students who also participate in sports, choir, orchestra, drill team, cheerleading, theater, Academic Decathlon, National Honor Society and many different organization.  And many students have a job while being a member of band.

7. Does being a member of band impact grades?

Most LH Band members find that their grades go up during marching season. We have a band tutorial program where students tutor each other during marching season.

In the past years, several Wildcat Valedictorians and Salutatorians have been band members. Many band members graduate in the top 10 percent of their class every year at LH. Recently, 5 of the Top 10 graduates were in the band.

8. Does marching band fulfill PE & Fine Arts requirements? 

Yes. You will receive the required fine arts credit as well as a waiver for PE by being a member of the LH Wildcat Marching Band. Honors credit is also available for serious band students.

9. When does marching band practice? 

Once school starts, the marching band practices Monday through Friday morning 6:45am-8:15am. The morning practices are great because of the heat in the afternoons of August and September.  This also allows students 45 minutes to get showered, changed and/or attend tutorials.

10.  Does the band rehearse during the summer?

Yes.  See the Band Calendar for dates and times. Summer band rehearsals are essential to establish the fundamentals of marching and playing and gives us the opportunity to get acquainted with new members.  We also begin learning our competition show so attendance is critical.

11. What is the most important thing for a student to do at the end of 8th grade to be in the high school band?

As students fill out a LHFC enrollment card they need to write in band as an elective for next year. It is not important which specific band class they write in. If they put Concert Band that will work fine. We will work with the counselors after auditions to place students in the correct band.

12. As a parent how can I best support my band student? 

As a parent, you are automatically a member of the Lake Highlands Area Band Club. We encourage you to become very active with this organization. You will have the opportunity to chaperone on buses to games and contests, help with various band activities, and enjoy watching your student perform. You will become a member of the “Lake Highlands Band Family”. Enjoy your time here!!