Pit Pops Need Volunteers for Games & Competitions

The band needs some more volunteers to help move equipment and instruments to the field this Friday and Saturday. The term Pit Pops is a misnomer. All adult volunteers are welcome. If you are a mom, dad, aunt, uncle, older sibling, neighbor or anyone who loves and supports the band, please sign up to help. The need on Saturday is particularly important as during competitions, there is a strict 5 minute time limit in order to get equipment onto the field, set up and begin the performance, then 2 minutes to exit the field. It’s like the pit crew in F1 racing (except they are in and out in 2-3 seconds). The game on Friday will serve as a dress rehearsal for the full band’s first competition the following day in Midlothian.

Whether or not you volunteer, please come support the band on Saturday at their competition. Seeing and hearing the show amongst a captive audience of marching band enthusiasts is a very different experience than a football game performance.  You can hear every note and focus on every coordinated movement by the Colorguard. You are sure to be impressed with these awesome musicians and performers from our school and others. 


Go Band!

~Leigh Ann

Berkner Game 10/4 – Wylie Contest 10/5

Weekly Schedule


Morning Rehearsal 6:45-8:15 am

Jazz Ensemble 4:30-5:30 pm


ALL bring Concert instruments to school

Morning Rehearsal 6:45-8:15 am

Woodwind Masterclasses (except Flute) during school

Wednesday –

ALL bring Concert instruments to school

Morning Rehearsal 6:45-8:15 am

All-State etudes Cut B pass off DUE on Google Classroom – before your band class!

Brass Masterclasses (and Flute) during school


Morning Rehearsal in Stadium 6:45-8:15 am

ALL bring Concert instruments to school for classes


Morning Rehearsal in Stadium 6:45-8:15 am

Pep Rally @ 9 am – wear your Red Adidas shirt

Game vs. Berkner @ Wildcat-Ram Stadium

4:30 – Rehearsal in Stadium – wear t-shirt/shorts

5:15 – Dinner served in Student Center – BBQ sandwiches!

6:15 – Call time in FULL uniform in the Band Hall

6:30 – March over to the stadium

7:30 – Kickoff

10:00 – Approx end of game – go home and sleep!!!

If you had a failing grade as of last Friday, you become ineligible today at 4:10 pm and cannot attend the Berkner game.


Wylie Marching Contest!!!

Itinerary attached to email and will be posted in the Band Hall and on the Band website

You will be fed twice by LHABC:

Taco Cabana after rehearsal and Burgers for dinner at Wylie between Prelims and Finals. THANK YOU LHABC!!

Looking ahead…

10/2 – Mr. Singleton’s Birthday

10/4 – Pep Rally

10/5 – Wylie Marching Contest – Prelims performance @ 3:30 pm

10/7 – NO SCHOOL!

10/14 – Homecoming/Varsity Revue Week

Marching Contest Cancelled

Unfortunately, the Denton marching contest for tomorrow has been cancelled. We would love to rehearse in the morning but the weather is not cooperating. Please use this time to recover and get well for the last few weeks of the season. Thank you for your flexibility and support tonight.

Go Band!


UIL -Wednesday, Oct 25th

I hope you all had a great Homecoming weekend! The band did a wonderful job at Varsity Revue and we all survived a super busy week.  Thank you to our band families and parent volunteers for helping make everything work!

Morning Rehearsals are Monday & Tuesday (6:45-8:15am) and also Friday (7:15-8:15am).

UIL Marching Contest is on Wednesday – we are giving the band the morning OFF!  Please see itinerary attached for schedule of the day.  Band students are excused from school at Noon.  We will rehearse, eat, then travel to Mesquite.  We hope to see you at our performance at 6:30pm!  Admission is $5 for ages 6 and up, and free for children under 6.

The band will also perform our show one more time at Friday’s away game vs. Jesuit.

 We need several more chaperones to help rides buses.  If you have the ability to be at LHHS by 3PM, please sign up to help chaperone!


UIL Region Marching Contest – Wednesday, October 25th

12:00pm Students released from class
12:30pm Rehearsal in the stadium wearing BLACK LH band shirt/shorts/marching shoes/shako
2:15pm Break food provided by LHABC
3:15pm Roll call in Full Uniform in Band Hall
3:30pm Depart for Mesquite
4:30pm Arrive At Mesquite
5:40pm Warm-up
6:30pm Perform!
Load instruments back onto buses/truck
7:15pm Depart for LH
8:00pm Arrive at LH

Packing List:

– Full Water Bottle
– Instrument
– Snacks for bus ride (if needed)
– Black LH shirt
– Athletic shorts
– LONG black socks
– Marching shoes

Wylie Results

WOW! What a great weekend for the Wildcat Band!  Final results from the Wylie Marching Invitational can be seen below.  The band had a tremendous Finals performance!  Directors have lots of great feedback from judges that we will be using over the next week and a half to finish our competition season strongly – We took a huge step forward this weekend!

Prelims results can be seen here: http://thatwylieband.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/WMI-SCORING-2017-PRELIMS.pdf

Music – 6th
Visual – 10th
Percussion – 5th
Color Guard – 4th
Overall – 7th

Finals: http://thatwylieband.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/WMI-SCORING-2017-FINALS.pdf

Music – 7th
Visual – 6th
Percussion – 7th
Color Guard – 3rd
Overall – 7th

Congratulations to the band for a strong showing at a very competitive contest!

Wylie Marching Contest is tomorrow Band families!!!

Mr. Chavis sent out an awesome Wylie Itinerary 2017 for tomorrow (Saturday, October 14th). Please be sure to check your email or the calendar on the website for all the specifics.  I just wanted to follow up with some details for you…

1.    Call time for kids is 8:30AM, so they need to be there before that so they are ready to play in the stadium at 8:30AM.  They also need to be wearing their black under uniform and marching shoes at that time.

2.    Items to send kids with … full water bottle, under uniform, long black socks, marching shoes, instrument, sunscreen if child will need it, and snacks for the bus ride there and back.  If you think your child might want to purchase anything while there, send some cash.

3.    Hardy late breakfast/brunch will be provided by LHABC for your child at the school before they leave. If you want to help serve brunch, please plan on arriving at the band hall by 9AM.

4.   We still need a few chaperones to ride the buses, please sign up on our website … https://lhabc.org/2017/09/28/volunteer-opportunities/

5.    We will be cheering on our kids as they drive out of the parking lot around 10:45-11AM !  We need lots of bodies to line the way, come join in on the fun.  This is a great thing to do if you cannot attend the marching contest and even if you are planning on attending. Come line up and wave flags and cheer them on as they head out for their 2nd marching contest of the year!

6.    The band will perform at 2 PM at the Wylie High School Stadium 2550 W. Kirby St. Wylie, TX 75098. Be sure to come early. Parking takes a while and the bands sometimes run early. LHHS parents try to sit together, look for LH shirts and flags and join us!

7.    We will feed the kids dinner at the stadium and relax before the Finals.

8.   Watch the LHHS Wildcat Band Facebook page for the time for our Finals Performance and come join us!

9.    If you cannot come to all of the above events, please join us for any portion that you can! Let’s cheer on these amazing band kids tomorrow!!!



Jennifer Newman



Bob Brashear


Wylie Contest – Saturday, Oct 14th

Below is the link to the detailed itinerary for the Wylie Marching Contest this Saturday.

Wylie Itinerary 2017

Parents, come send the kids off around 10:50 – 11:10 AM.

It was REALLY exciting to see so many fans in the LH section of the stands with the Red, White and Black flags cheering us on in Midlothian – we’d love to see you again at Wylie for our 2 PM performance time.

Wylie High School
2550 E Farm to Market Rd 544, Wylie, TX 75098


WMI Contest Information

The Wylie Marching Invitational is a prelims/finals format that utilizes the UIL Texas State Marching Contest Scoring System. Judges #1, #2, #3 will all score musical performance, while Judges #4 and #5 will score marching performance. Judge #6 will rank and award Outstanding Guard separately in prelims only. Second Runner-up, First Runner-up and Class Champion awards are given in each class (2A, 3A, 4A, 5A, 6A) of 3 or more competing bands. Overall Outstanding Winds, Percussion, Marching, and General Effect will be given according to composite scores/rankings within the caption. The top 10 bands regardless of classification will advance to finals based on preliminary results, while any class winners not ranked in the top 10 will have the option of an exhibition performance in finals.

Wylie Marching Contest Volunteer Opportunities

Hi Band Families!

We have the Wylie Marching Contest happening this coming Saturday, October 14th and we need lots of hands to make it happen.  Please sign up to help in any area that you can. It is a fun way to get to know the kids, to encourage and cheer them on and help get them ready for their performances!  We need people to help serve meals before they leave LHHS and at the contest, chaperones to ride with our kids and help get them ready, and pit pops to help load and unload instruments and props and drive the trucks and cook dinner.  If you can only come for a certain amount of time, come for that time.

Click on a link below to sign up:



Pit Pops

If all the slots are filled and you want to come help, show up and we will put you to work!  Can’t wait to see our amazing band kids perform again this weekend!  Hope to see you there!

Thanks, Jennifer Newman & Bob Brashear

Midlothian Contest Results

WOW – what a weekend!

The band was really impressive in their first weekend of competition! At the Midlothian Marching Showcase, the band put on two great performances and finished 3rd place overall.

Multiple judges ranked us 1st or 2nd place in both the Prelims and Finals competition.  We are very proud of everyone!

Thank you to the wonderful parents who helped make yesterday happen – it was long but very rewarding and worth every second!

What’s up Next?

  • We have another long day/contest this coming weekend at Wylie.  A detailed itinerary will be sent out separately.  We perform at 2pm on Saturday!
  • Even though there isn’t school on 10/9, WE HAVE PRACTICE 7-9am at LHHS.
    All other morning rehearsals this week are the normal 6:45-8:15am.
  • We also have a special guest clinician coming to work with our Percussion!
  • Friday’s game is against Coppell (away).