LHHS Wind Ensemble – UIL Results

We are proud to announce that our top band, the LHHS Wind Ensemble, received 1st Division ratings from all six judges yesterday at the State UIL Concert and Sight Reading Evaluation. This is the highest rating that is awarded at UIL!

This year’s process was a learning experience for all involved – many students in this band did not perform at UIL in the last two years due to COVID-19 safety measures. Furthermore, a successful live performance for a panel of judges and audience is very different than a successful pre-recorded performance video. It was a team effort to “catch up” the students to the UIL standards and process and train the mindset it takes to have high-quality live performances.

The level of attention to detail required to execute the level of music they performed yesterday is incredibly high. We were only able to perform the level of music we did yesterday because the students trusted the team of directors (with 2 out of 4 new staff members!) and because they kept their nose to the grindstone all the way to the final note of their performance.

A few comments from the judges:

“Such beautiful fundamentals, I don’t know if I can come up with many more adjectives. You are one of the best bands in the nation because you truly care about your sound!”

“Technique class is NOW in session! Hosted by the LH Band!”

“You did not just play ‘a lot of notes,’ you crafted ALL your pieces into a performance that was playful (Children’s March), intensely moving and powerful (Elegy), and the Blue Shades was as good as most any band at a university. Congratulations on a brilliant performance. Your teachers are the BEST!”

We are hoping to have a recording to share with anyone interested in the next couple weeks. Thank you all for your support of the LHHS Band!

Ms. Pittman

Claire PittmanAssistant Band Director
Lake Highlands High School
LHHS Class of 2010

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