The band needs some more volunteers to help move equipment and instruments to the field this Friday and Saturday. The term Pit Pops is a misnomer. All adult volunteers are welcome. If you are a mom, dad, aunt, uncle, older sibling, neighbor or anyone who loves and supports the band, please sign up to help. The need on Saturday is particularly important as during competitions, there is a strict 5 minute time limit in order to get equipment onto the field, set up and begin the performance, then 2 minutes to exit the field. It’s like the pit crew in F1 racing (except they are in and out in 2-3 seconds). The game on Friday will serve as a dress rehearsal for the full band’s first competition the following day in Midlothian.

Whether or not you volunteer, please come support the band on Saturday at their competition. Seeing and hearing the show amongst a captive audience of marching band enthusiasts is a very different experience than a football game performance.  You can hear every note and focus on every coordinated movement by the Colorguard. You are sure to be impressed with these awesome musicians and performers from our school and others.

Go Band!

~Leigh Ann