Hello, LH Band and Parents!

For your planning, this email is to let you know of the first week of school rehearsal schedule. That information will be followed by the daily rehearsal schedule through marching season for regular school weeks. A couple of disclaimers – you’ll see that full band and section pictures have been scheduled for Monday, August 16. Typically, this would be scheduled well in advance; however, photographer and facilities issues caused this to be scheduled later than desirable. Also, though the band has rehearsed before school on the first day of school on some years in the past, we are choosing not to do that so that everyone has time to have a calm start to the day. For this reason, we are holding a long rehearsal after school on Friday, August 20.

Monday, August 16- Band Pictures, full band and section. 12 PM to approximately 2 PM (more details to come on this later this week)

Tuesday, August 17- 1st day of school, no before school band. We WILL play during your band class!

Wednesday, August 18- Regular marching band rehearsal schedule begins- 6:45 AM-8:15 AM. (Dress as you have been for Summer Band, bring a change of the clothes for the school day) Students will have access to the PE locker rooms to change in a private area. 

Thursday, August 19- Band from 6:45 AM-8:15 AM

Friday, August 20- No morning band, rehearsal from 5:00 PM-7:30 PM

On a normal, 5-day school week with a Friday football game, marching band rehearsal will be:

Monday through Friday- 6:45 AM-8:15 AM

On a week with a Thursday football game:

Monday through Thursday- 6:45 AM-8:15 AM

Friday morning- no rehearsal

Friday afternoon- Rehearsal from 5:00-7:30 PM. 

Also, always check the band calendar posted on lhabc.org for special rehearsals (For example, the Saturday after Labor Day, 9/11/21)

As always, please reach out if I can be of assistance. We are having a blast so far and it is only going to get better!


Reagan Brumley

Director of Bands