Dear Lake Highlands Band,

I can’t adequately express how excited your band staff is about fully kicking off the 2021 marching season with all of you on Monday! We have been hard at work planning every detail necessary to ensure that the LH Band enjoys its best marching season in years, and we feel confident that you are all in for an incredible experience. While Summer Band Camp will be hard work, we are going to have a blast together and by the time camp is done, the band is going to be in position to put on incredible performances. Please read all of the following information carefully as it will explain exactly where to be and what you’ll need!

Where To Report- All band members (woodwinds, brass, percussion, and color guard) will begin in the main band hall right at 7:30 AM on Monday. You’ll need your instrument/equipment with you as you’ll go right into rehearsal after a short meeting, so arrive before 7:30 as that is the start time, not the arrival time. Leadership Team needs to arrive by 7 AM for the first day. 

Physicals- You must have this on file in order to participate in camp. The preferred method is to email this to us before Monday; however, you can turn it in as you check in Monday. 

What To Bring- Marching instrument and accessories (reeds, mouthpieces, etc), large water bottle filled with water (LH Band water bottle if you already have it), lots of sunscreen. You’ll be provided a binder filled with all music you’ll need, so just bring a pencil to put in your band binder.  

What To Wear- T-shirt, shorts, athletic shoes and socks, hat and/or sunglasses HIGHLY recommended. 

Meals- Eat a substantial breakfast eveyday before you arrive, and avoid dairy as this does not set you up to feel your best when working in the heat. Breakfast is a MAJOR part of settting yourself up for success at camp! During the lunch break, (11:00 AM-12:30 PM) students may leave campus with parents or other students for lunch or may bring a lunch and stay on campus; whatever each family is most comfortable with!

Things You’ll Need Soon- fanny pack. (yes, actually) You’ll need a fanny pack by the second Monday of Summer Band, August 2. This will hold your smartphone which you’ll need in order to reference the drill pages that will help you learn our show. Here is an example of something like what you’ll need. You’ll also need a smartphone by Monday, August 2. Though we know most of our students have one, if you don’t, let us know and we’ll help you get an old one to be used only for drill rehearsals. A flip folder. You’ll need this before August 13. If you don’t have one, you’ll have an opportunity to purchase one at Band Registration on July 31.

Thanks, everyone, and reach out with any questions you may have. We can’t wait to start the 2021 Lake Highlands Band Season!

Reagan Brumley

Director of Bands