Hello, LH Band!
The list of All-Region/State etudes for each instrument has been released and can be seen here. If you own the etude book, go ahead and check out this list. If you don’t own the book and you have a private lesson teacher, they probably do and can scan and send to you. The band staff is working to copy the etudes and will let you know when you can come up to pick them up.In any case, we are available to help you if you want to get started. Just shoot us an email and we can set up a time to sit down together and help you start this music.
Also, PLEASE be sure you have gotten your physical and that you share the completed form to me before Summer Band. If you need the form, it is here
Thanks, everyone!
Mr. Brumley 

Reagan Brumley

Director of Bands

Fine Arts Coordinator

Lake Highlands High School