Band Registration Forms/Fees

Reminder: Band Registration forms have been sent out through DocuSign.

All forms were FIRST sent to the student e-mail address provided.

Once the student has completed their part of the paperwork, it will automatically be sent to the parent to complete.

All Band fees have been assessed in Charms. Please login and make payments ASAP! Thank you to all of our Marching Band students for making sure at least the Marching Band uniform fee was paid.

If you are utilizing the payment plan, at least the first payment must be made in Charms before your student will receive the Marching Band uniform.

If you need more information regarding logging into Charms, click here:

THANK YOU Mr. Martinez!

Please join me in thanking Mr. Martinez, our Colorguard Director, for single-handedly putting together our jackets for the Marching Band! He volunteered to do this to help curb the cost of our marching uniforms and we are SO thankful! The Band looked great on Friday night!

Weekly Schedule

In-person Marching Band rehearsals:



Thursday AM

ALL – Parking

Friday Rehearsal locations:

ALL – Stadium

You MUST have your Flip Folder!

Football Game vs. Pearce – 7pm @ Wildcat-Ram


Red LH Band t-shirt

Red LH mask

Black joggers/Grey LH Band jacket

Athletic Shoes

Materials needed:
Flip Folder

Water Bottle

Call time: 6:00pm (be in the building by 5:45pm)

Brass – Stage

Woodwinds – Band Hall

Color Guard – Orchestra Room

Percussion – Percussion Room

Tickets for this week’s Football Game!

Here is ticket information link for the Varsity football game LHHS vs Pearce on 11/06/2020 –

Tickets will be available to families of all participants to purchase starting on Monday morning at 12:01am until Tuesday night at 11:59pm. This code is only valid for a one time to purchase tickets – you may NOT use the code a 2nd time to purchase additional tickets! You will need to be ready to buy all the tickets you need when you enter the code the first time! REMEMBER: you must have all their information ready to go before you enter the code!

Parents will use the code: student id – date of game (ie 12345-1106)

Football Game Date Change

Our Football schedule has been adjusted!

The home game previously scheduled for Friday, November 27 (after Thanksgiving) is now on Wednesday, November 25 (before Thanksgiving) at 1:00pm.

Because of this, we need to know how many Band students will be able to attend the game.

If the date change means you will be absent from the game, it WILL be excused but please fill out this Google Form by Monday, 10/26:

IF any RISD teams have to quarantine and a game has to be rescheduled, then the home game currently scheduled for Friday, December 4th would move to Monday, November 30th and the make-up game would occur on Saturday, December 5th. We will notify you if this ends up happening!

Homecoming Mums

THANK YOU to all of the parents and students who helped spread the word about Mums for Homecoming. We appreciate your support!

Uptempo Fundraiser Update

THANK YOU to everyone who has supported our Uptempo Fundraiser so far!

We have raised over $28,000! We are getting SO CLOSE to our goal of $35,000.

We appreciate our Band families sharing the donation link with family/friends and on Social Media!

Eligibility – If you failed a class at the Nine Weeks, you are still expected to attend ALL rehearsals.

READ THIS LIST – part 3!

If you are on this list, you have NOT filled out the Registration Contact info link – this is the ONLY way we can electronically send you Band Registration forms.

Please fill out the form linked below ASAP:

Victoria Ayomide

Elizabeth Carranco

Enrique Casillas

Julian Chapman

Jalen Coleman

Hoang Do

Gabriel Espindola

Mia Garner

Raymond Henry

Sara Hernandez

Temple Iyeke

Joudi Kharchou

Carlos Macias

Ella Murray

Jesse Njuguna

Luis Oregon

Natalia Ortiz

Jaeden Quilca

Da’Kyrie Ragland

Abraham Rios

Larissa Rivera

Chelsea Rush

Talitha Torres

Chris Valesquez

Sherrilyn Villareal

COVID updates

Please make sure you are continuing to follow social-distancing protocols at all times! We have had more issues with students not following the 6-foot rule, especially when we are transitioning from outdoors to indoors and vice-versa.

We are seeing an increase campus-wide in quarantining and positive cases. Let’s all do our part!!


Early Morning arrival of Marching Band students on a Rehearsal day: All materials NOT needed for rehearsal must be placed in lockers (Brass/Color Guard), on your assigned spot in the Band Hall (Woodwinds) or spaced out in the entryway between the Band Hall and Percussion Room (Percussion).

All students will be released from morning rehearsals at 8:15am and will return to the Band Hall. Only F2F students will be allowed back in the building and locker rooms (1 at a time – please move quickly)

From there, students will be dismissed to Athletic Locker Rooms (H-Building: Boys and Girls PE Locker Rooms). If you are using the Athletic Locker Rooms, masks must be worn at all times unless showering. You will need to move quickly through the Locker Room as you’re getting ready for the day – no congregating! If you are not using the Athletic Locker Rooms, you may not walk through any part of the building unless you are heading to the Hub or Auditorium after 8:30am.

Once you are dressed for school, ONLY 1st period Band students will be allowed to remain in the Band Hall and must be on their assigned spot with all materials needed for class. Non 1st-period Band students will need to follow the School Entry plan and remain in the Auditorium or Hub after dressing.

Band Lockers are assigned and will be used only for band materials.

Percussion: On days with morning rehearsal, Percussion will continue to rehearse 8:20-9:20 for 1st period. On Mondays and Wednesdays, virtual students will be let out early in order to get home for the rest of their virtual school day.

Important Dates

Friday, 11/6: Football Game vs. Pearce @ Wildcat-Ram, 7pm

Tuesday, 11/10: Deadline for TMEA All-Region Phase 1 Entry (Flute/Clarinet/Trumpet) – please turn in $16 to the Safe! Checks made payable to LHABC.

Friday, 11/13: Football Game vs. Berkner @ Wildcat-Ram (Visitor), 7pm

Tuesday, 11/17: Virtual LHABC Meeting, 7pm

Wednesday, 11/25: Football Game vs. Richardson @ Wildcat-Ram, 1pm

Thursday, 12/17: Virtual LHABC Meeting, 6:30pm

If you think you have a conflict with ANY Football Game date listed above, please email your Band Director ASAP.