Ticket Information-Senior night!

Here is ticket information link for the varsity football game LHHS vs Plano East on 10/2/2020 – https://richardsonisd.brushfire.com/lakehighlands-football/478737

Tickets will be available to families of all participants to purchase starting on Monday morning at 12:01am until Tuesday night at 11:59pm. Please remind parents this code is only valid for a one time to purchase tickets. They will need to be ready to buy all the tickets they need when they enter the code the first time. SENIORS: Buy tickets ASAP if your family is attending!

Each family can purchase 4 tickets for the game but only 2 family members will be permitted on the field at halftime to accompany your Senior student.

Parents will use the code student id + date of game (ie 12345-1002)

Tickets will be sold on a week to week basis in the following order:

All ticket sales are general admission and must be purchased online. No tickets will be available at the gate

NEW: Stadiums will be held to 35% capacity, so please purchase tickets on Monday if you plan to attend!

• Monday/Tuesday

Family of athletes, band, cheer, drill team and bell guard may purchase tickets.

4 tickets will be available per participant listed above. A link will be sent out and the student’s ID # is required in order to purchase tickets. Students should know their student ID # or parents may request it from their school office.

• Wednesday

Students may purchase a ticket online. Student ID # required in order to purchase a ticket. The link will be sent out and posted on the RISD athletics webpage. https://web.risd.org/athletics/

• Thursday and/or Friday

If tickets are still available, the link will be posted on the RISD athletics webpage and the general public may purchase up to two tickets. https://web.risd.org/athletics/

There will be no passes accepted during the 2020 season.

All Fans Must follow the UIL COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Guidelines

Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in removal from the event

Masks are required

All fans must self screen for COVID-19 symptoms prior to entering

Every other row will remain empty. Pease do not sit on rows that are marked

Sit With Household Only

ALL Band Families MUST fill out the Google Form linked HERE:WE ARE STILL MISSING OVER 50 BAND FAMILIES!!


  • ALL students must vacate campus when school ends and need to return BY 5:45pm. Make sure you have a plan for eating/changing during this time!
  • Students need to wash their LH mask and red shirt before Friday! If you choose to wear a different mask for your protection (disposable, N95, etc.), the LH mask must be worn over it in order for us to be uniform. Masks will be worn at all times unless playing in the stands.

Uniform for Friday:

Red shirt

Black shorts (school-appropriate length – athletic material is ok)

Short socks

Athletic shoes

*We had some girls whose shorts were too short. Please make sure shorts are appropriate and t-shirt does not cover your shorts.

Materials for Friday:

Instrument (in case)

Flip Folder/Lyre

FULL water bottle

Weather: It will be cooler than last week, so light jackets will be permitted in the stands but will need to be removed for Halftime. We will look GREAT if the jacket you bring is black, gray, red, etc. No hoodies or sweaters.

Distancing: We are looking forward to continuing to be a great example for the LH community with how we are socially distancing as a large student organization!

Weekly Schedule

In-person Marching Band rehearsals:

Tuesday/Thursday/Friday 7:00am-8:15am

Tuesday Rehearsal locations:

Woodwinds – Band Hall

High Brass/Trombone – Stage

Euph/Tuba – Orchestra Room

Percussion – Parking lot

Guard – Meet in hallway then move to MAC

Thursday Rehearsal locations:

Woodwinds – Band Hall

High Brass/Trombone – Stage

Euph/Tuba – Orchestra Room

Percussion – Parking lot

Guard – Meet in hallway then move to MAC

Friday Rehearsal location:

ALL meet in Stadium!

Friday Night – Football vs. Plano East!

Call time: 6:00pm

Plan to Arrive BY 5:45pm

Woodwinds – Band Hall

Brass – Auditorium

Percussion – Percussion Room

Color Guard – Orchestra Room

Required Materials and Uniform:

Red LH Band shirt (you will receive on Tuesday AM)

Black shorts (school-appropriate length)

Short Socks (no tube socks)

Red LH mask

Water Bottle (FULL of ice and water)

Flip Folder/Lyre

Instrument (in the case)

Seniors can have a hat and will get a balloon

ALL students must leave campus at 4:10 and return BY 6:00pm in uniform. Students will not be provided food prior to the game.

We will march from the Band Hall down Church Rd to the stadium no later than 6:15pm.


If you failed a class as of Friday at 4:15pm, you are still expected to attend ALL rehearsals. You will only be ineligible for this Friday’s game.

If there is any concern about your grade in a class, please see your Band Director!

Marching Band/F2F logistics

Early Morning arrival of Marching Band students on a Rehearsal day: All materials NOT needed for rehearsal must be placed in lockers (Brass/Color Guard), on your assigned spot in the Band Hall (Woodwinds) or spaced out in the entryway between the Band Hall and Percussion Room (Percussion).

All students will be released from morning rehearsals at 8:15am and will return to the Band Hall. Only F2F students will be allowed back in the building and locker rooms (1 at a time – please move quickly)

From there, students will be dismissed to Athletic Locker Rooms (H-Building: Boys and Girls PE Locker Rooms). If you are using the Athletic Locker Rooms, masks must be worn at all times unless showering. You will need to move quickly through the Locker Room as you’re getting ready for the day – no congregating! If you are not using the Athletic Locker Rooms, you may not walk through any part of the building unless you are heading to the Hub or Auditorium after 8:30am.

Once you are dressed for school, ONLY 1st period Band students will be allowed to remain in the Band Hall and must be on their assigned spot with all materials needed for class. Non 1st-period Band students will need to follow the School Entry plan and remain in the Auditorium or Hub after dressing.

Band Lockers are assigned and will be used only for band materials.

Percussion: On days with morning rehearsal, Percussion will continue to rehearse 8:20-9:20 for 1st period. On Mondays and Wednesdays, virtual students will be let out early in order to get home for the rest of their virtual school day.

Volunteers needed!

Hey parents! Want to get in free to the football games and help support the band? If you do, then you are in luck, we would love for you to volunteer to be a Band Chaperone for our games this year! You can chaperone for 1 or all 6 of our games, it is up to you. Please go to the following website: https://risd.voly.org/ and fill out the RISD Volunteer forms.

Sign-Up Genius to volunteer for a game:https://www.signupgenius.com/go/60B094EA5A92EA20-lhhs

FINAL Fittings-Tues AM

The following students MUST be fitted for joggers/jackets at the beginning of Tuesday’s rehearsal @ 7am:

Brooks JaQualin

Firra William

Krach James

Hernandez Sara

Crawford Matthew

Mitchell Jack

Monroe Caroline

Polito Luke

Bravo Wendy

Evans Tyler

Garcia Jose

Osterbusch Charlie

Francis Kyron

Johnson Jack

Nevarez Steven

Important Dates

Thursday, 10/1: Virtual LHABC Meeting, 7pm

Friday, 10/2: Football Game vs. Plano East @ Wildcat-Ram, 7pm Senior Night!

Friday, 10/30: Football Game vs. Jesuit @ Wildcat-Ram, 7pm Homecoming! *no additional details available at this time

Friday, 11/6: Football Game vs. Pearce @ Wildcat-Ram, 7pm

Friday, 11/13: Football Game vs. Berkner @ Wildcat-Ram (Visitor), 7pm

Tuesday, 11/17: Virtual LHABC Meeting, 7pm

Friday, 11/27: Football Game vs. Richardson @ Wildcat-Ram, 1pm

Thursday, 12/17: Virtual LHABC Meeting, 6:30pm

If you think you have a conflict with ANY Football Game date listed above, please email your Band Director ASAP.