Weekly Schedule

In-person Marching Band rehearsals:

Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 7:00am-8:15am

Virtual classes continue all week on Zoom

Physical/Medical History Forms and COVID-19 Questionnaire STILL NEEDED

Before you can attend tomorrow’s practice, you MUST do the following:

1. Submit your Medical History form and/or Physical form

2. Submit RISD Mandatory COVID-19 questionnaire

3. Login to student.risd.org and complete Health Screener to show green screen tomorrow when you arrive at LHHS

Access Physical forms HERE:

Submit Physical forms HERE:


MANDATORY COVID-19 Questionnaire:


The students listed below are still missing forms:

Medical History form (1st page – does NOT require a Doctor’s visit)

Alvarado, Lucas

Alvarez, Kal’El

Angus, Avery

Badrina, Rory

Berry, Ryan

Bethea, Eliza

Bravo, Wendy

Brooks, Jaqualin

Butler, Grace

Butler-Smith, Kayla

Carson, Benjamin

Decicco, Alex

Delgado, Rain

Dulaney, Kathryn

English, Hannah

Ervin, Aujada

Espindola, Gabriel

Ferrell, George

Fowler, Allison

Garcia, Jose

Gould, Bradley

Harris, Wyatt

Henry, Maya

Hernandez, Karina

Hernandez, Sara

Ho, Theonie

Iltis, Carson

Iyeke, Temple

Kharchou, Joudi

Krach, James

Lewis, Ava

Lowe, Mallory

Mcnamara, Elizabeth

Mitchell, Jack

Murray, Ella

Nevarez, Steven

Njuguna, Jesse

Obi, Angel

Quilca, Ariana

Quilca, Jaeden

Ramirez, Raul

Rea, Normandy

Renova, Oscar

Rico, Aisha

Rivera Garcia, Fabiola

Rivera, Luis Alberto

Rommel, Ethan

Rudebeck, Luke

Rush, Chelsea

Seddelmeyer, Meagan

Silva Miranda, Elizabeth

Smith, Paxto

Sutton, Presley

Yancey, Leanne

Physical & Medical History forms (BOTH pages – requires a Doctor’s visit):

Arvizu, Hellen

Crutchfield, Robert

Diaz De Niz, Sayra

Esquivel, Angel

Evans, Tyler

Francis, Kyron

Iltis, Caroline

Jenkins, James

Osinubi, Jesuteniola

Questions? E-mail Ms. Jones (sarah.jones@risd.org)

Wildcat Band T-Shirt Design Contest

Calling all Wildcat Band Students!! We need your help to design this year’s spirit shirt! What would you like to wear? What color? What logo? Do you have a creative idea? See the flyer below for more info! No need to have design software or something “professional,” We will take the winning ideas/sketches and work with the T-shirt company to finalize the product.

Any questions?? Please contact Kristin Roan – kristin.roan@gmail.com.

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Did you miss the Marching Band meeting?

PLEASE review these materials prior to dropping your student off tomorrow morning for Marching Band rehearsal. We all need to understand and fully follow procedures discussed in the meeting to keep everyone safe.

Video recording of the Parent meeting – please watch this before Tuesday morning:


Meeting slides:


Band Website:

www.lhabc.org – This will answer many questions!

Weekly Health Screener link:


Weekly Student Health Screener instructions:


Weekly Student Health Screener Video:

English: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KBjNCQrXXoFJD1rhi2c7yxUuuArpQygj/view?usp=sharing

Spanish: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PdHKbJaldSI09kySw2l1GcARHGmtdgJF/view?usp=sharing

MANDATORY COVID-19 Questionnaire – must be done before Tuesday AM:


Band Calendar


Physical Google form (for Medical History and Physical):


Remind information:


Charms information:


Important Dates

Monday, 9/21: Face to Face instruction begins

Thursday, 9/24: Football Game vs. Mesquite Poteet @ Wildcat-Ram, 7pm

Friday, 10/2: Football Game vs. Plano East @ Wildcat-Ram, 7pm