Dear Band Families,

I hope you are all well and enjoying time with your family.

The Lake Highlands High School Area Band Club needs your help next year.  Please consider volunteering for one of the positions below.  Don’t worry if that is not in your wheel house, we need volunteers for games, meals, contests, throughout the year.  The more your family and your band student put into the band, the more you will get out.

We are still in need of three very important positions on the board for next year.  If you or you know someone that would be great at one of these positions, please let me know.   This is what our by-laws say about these positions. The following positions are still available:

President Elect-The President(s)-Elect shall: 1. Become familiar with the overall operation of the Band Club. 2. Assume the duties and exercise the powers of the President in the event of absence. 3. Assume the office of President(s) the following school year or sooner in the event of vacancy. 4. Have check signing authority. In the event that two people hold this position, only one person shall have check signing authority. 5. Have access to the Jr. High and High School Charms account for purpose of emailing band 6. Setup Remind for LHABC and maintain this throughout the year 7. Work with the LHHS counselor to coordinate the awarding of LHABC scholarships. 8. Serve on the Nominating Committee. 9. Serve on the Budget Committee. Serve on the Spring Trip Committee and, if available, attend the trip. 10. Perform such other duties as pertain to such office.

Meals– The Meals Committee provides meals during the marching season to the Band, Band Directors, and adults assisting the Band before games and competitions (including drum line and Jazz band).  The Meals Chair shall: 1. Recruit and organizes volunteers to help plan, purchase, set up, serve, and clean up from the meals. 2. Maintain an inventory of supplies in the chaperone room for the purpose of serving meals, such as disposable plates and utensils, antibacterial hand-cleaner, serving gloves, cleaning fluids, paper towels, etc. 3. Manage the expenses to the approved budget.

Ways and Means Chair– The Ways and Means Committee oversees the subcommittees to manage existing fundraisers, help with advertising and said events/fundraisers; fill in for any fundraisers without a sub-committee member to run event; manage budget/financials of Ways & Means, and finds new funding opportunities throughout the year. The Ways and Means chair shall: 1. Recruit and organize volunteers to help plan, advertise and implement fund raisers. 2. Serve on the Budget Committee. 3. Work with the subcommittee chairs for various fundraisers 4. Manage the expenses to the approved budget.

Thank you for considering being on the LHABC board.  It is a fun way to be involved in your child’s high school life.

Thank you,

Vanessa Stevens

LHABC President 2019-2020