Dear Band Families,
We are monitoring all guidelines and safety precautions for our upcoming San Francisco trip with regards to the Corona Virus situation.  Our hope is that we will be able to continue on the trip, but obviously it is a fluid and very rapidly changing issue.  Should anything change (from RISD, American Airlines, TMF Tours and Travel, etc.) we will let you know IMMEDIATELY.  The current district position is that if there is school, and the destinations are not on a CDC caution list, the travel can continue.  As it is everyday, student safety is our number one priority!
I’ve been in constant communication with our travel company (who is currently traveling with groups in Indianapolis) about what our options will be if there is change in status.  Unfortunately I do not have access to information about exactly what that could/would look like at this moment.  I’m asking them questions like “What would be our options for financial restitution, if the trip is cancelled by the district?”  Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate this unchartered territory. If for some reason we are unable to travel on our current dates, my first plan of action would be to seek out either an alternate set of dates or alternate location.
Mr. Chavis