Welcome to the adventure called BAND!

Can you believe that it is time to get started with band already! Where did the summer go?  I know that you all have many questions and I am here to try to answer some of them.  For more info and to ask me in person, join us this Sunday, July 28thsometime between 5-9PM at the Mockingbird Lane Burger House.  Also, let all your fellow freshmen band friends know you will be there and your neighbors and friends so they can help out our band. LHABC (Lake Highlands Area Band Club) will make a percentage of all sales from 5PM to close.  Get a pass from cooking, come mingle with the band families and directors and eat some yummy burgers!  Sign up for the lhband2023 and lhabc2023Reminds.  See attached

In the meantime, here is some information to help as you start into this new band adventure…

1.     Summer Band Camp begins Monday, July 29that 8 AM.

A.     Kids need to wear cool clothing and supportive tennis shoes with hats, sunglasses, cooling neck towels or headbands and plenty of sunscreen.

B.   Hours for the 1stweek and M-Th the 2ndweek are 8 – 11:30AM and 1 – 4:30PM.

Friday 8/9 – 1:00 – 5:15 PM.

Monday 8/12 – No band camp. 

Tuesday 8/13 – 4:30-7:30PM.

Wednesday 8/14 – 8-11:30 AM and 1-4:30 PM.

Sat. 8/17 – practice for kids 8-11:30AM, MANDATORY PARENT MEETING 10:30-11:30AM and show performance 11:30-12:30   Food and Kona Ice will be there for lunch for all.  More details to come about this!

(see email from Mr. Chavis from June 24thand also check calendar on lhabc.org).

C.   Make sure that your kids eat good dinners, go to bed early and eat a light breakfast.

D.   HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE! Kids need to bring water bottlesthat they can refill and they need to be drinking lots of water at practice and at home to stay hydrated.

E.   Kids can stay and eat lunch in the halls or student center during lunch break or you can pick them up and take them somewhere. If they are staying, please send a lunch.

2.    Band Time

A.   If start time is 8 AM, in band time that means arrive at 7:45 AM so that you are ready to start at 8 AM.

B.   If end time is at 11:30 AM, in band time that means pick up at 11:45 AM since they will end at 11:30 and be done packing up by 11:45 AM.

3.    Band Swag

A.    Freshmen Items that you receive after registration – Wicking shirt and shorts with logo, summer uniform (Red shirt & shorts), marching shoes, gloves/grips, monogrammed band duffle bag, and water jug. Make sure your child has a lyre and flip folder for their marching music.

B.   Spirit wear will be available for purchase at Registration at our Spirit Wear table.

4.     Band Registration is on Saturday, August 10thfrom 10 AM – 2 PM.

A.   Takes about an hour to go through registration.

B.    Arrival times are done according to your last name – 10-11 AM A to F; 11-12 AM G to K; 12-1 PM L to P; 1 PM-2 PM Q to Z.

C.   Bring 2 cases of water to registration. These are used throughout the band year for meals, games, etc.

D.   We will have opportunities for you to get involved with LHABC and to help out the kids and directors.  Please sign up to help in some way! It takes a lot of us to make marching season a success! Plus it is a lot of fun…

E.   Forms for registration will go out via email.

5.    Private Lessons are not mandatory, but highly encouraged. They are offered during school hours and are 1x/week for 30 minutes and cost $18/week.

6.    Football 411

A.    Kids will have long days on Fridays. They have practice at 6:30 AM and stay after school to get ready for the game.  They will be fed dinner before each game by the pit pops and band moms. Games usually end around 10:30-11 PM and pick up is around 11-11:30 PM or if it is an away game closer to midnight.

B.   Thursday night you will need to encourage your child to get their band bag packed for Friday.  They will need their summer uniform (red band shirt, black shorts and black marching shoes). You will need to get black short socks and a black belt to go with their summer uniform.  They will also need their black band logo wicking shirt and shorts to practice in/and to wear under their fall marching uniform, as well as, tall black socks. They will also need their red water jug.

C.   Football tickets are available on Friday mornings till lunch time in the apex of LHHS or at the ticket booth before a game.

D.   Band marches in at 6:30 PM from the band hall, down Church Road and into the stadium. This is a fun event to watch and/or walk in with them.

E.   Band families sit to the right of the band on the west end of the stadium. Wear your spirit wear and join us for some fun!

F.   You will want to get a Sports Program at the game to see the Band pages and to have as a memento.

7.    Fundraisers

A.    We have lots of fundraisers during the school year to help us raise funds that help keep our band fees lower than many other schools. Please participate and spread the word for any and all fundraisers to help out.

B.   1stfundraiser is Sunday, July 28thfrom 5-9 PM at the Mockingbird location of Burger House. LHABC will make a percentage of all sales that evening. So come and eat, and invite all your friends and neighbors to come as well.  Plus you will get to meet and visit with the directors.

C.   2ndfundraiser will be starting Friday, August 9th during summer band camp. SNAP is an easy fundraiser where the kids bring emails of family and friends that they think would like to help them and their band.  It is real easy and very effective!  Be looking for an email regarding SNAP.

I know that this is a lot of information and that it may not answer all of your questions, but it should answer a bunch of them.  I am always willing to chat with you and answer any questions and so are the other LHABC Board members as well as other band parents. Don’t be afraid to reach out! There are no silly questions!

Looking forward to meeting you on Sunday at Burger House!

Your LHABC Co-Presidents & Freshman Rep –

Vanessa Stevens      LHABC President       vanessa.stevens@risd.org

Joel Carson                LHABC President       jkcarson@swbell.net

Beth Sheehan             Freshman Rep            basheehan@gmail.com