Happy February, Band Families!

Mattress Palooza was a BIG success (THANK YOU, Jennifer Newman and the Sandovals for your hard work in leading this fundraiser!)! So many of you helped make this successful – band students, parents, anyone who spread the word, our directors, our customers, and of course Steve Mills and the CFA employees! Preliminary counts are great and numbers may still change… 59 mattresses, 7 adjustable bases, 7 bed frames, 36 pillows, and 36 pillow protectors. There is still a chance for anyone who couldn’t make it or make up their mind on Saturday to get their mattress and help the LHHS Wildcat Band: spread the word to your friends and family that if they missed out and want to get a mattress and help the band, they can go to another area Mattress Palooza and say that they are with Lake Highlands! There is one on 2/9 at Plano West and another on 2/17 at Mesquite Poteet, so please share that info, and we can get them connected with Steve Mills at another location. Thank you all for your hard work!

Chamber Music Festival is right around the corner! On Saturday, February 23rd we will have all the RISD band students (7th-12th grade) rolling through LHHS!  That is A LOT of band kiddos and their parents! LHABC runs the concession stand and provides lunch and food for the judges as well. To help offset the costs of the concession stand and create more profit for the band, we are asking our band families to help donate the drinks and a few other supplies. These items need to be delivered to the Chaperone room at the band hall by the end of the day, Tuesday Feb. 19th please. 

Link for the drink sign up… https://www.signupgenius.com/go/30E0F44AEAA2D6-drinks

The Harlem Wizards fundraiser event will be happening in just over 3 months (April 22nd)!  We need some help to start getting things ready for this event. Here is how you can help us out right now…

  1. If you can be a part of the Harlem Wizard committee: please get in touch with Jennifer Newman THIS WEEK at jfernewman@sbcglobal.net or 469-441-5468.  Jennifer is looking for 5-7 people to help plan the event. We will ask for event volunteers when it gets closer.
  2. If you have a business or have connections with area businesses that might want to be Harlem Wizard event sponsors, please get in touch with Jennifer Newman for more information. We would love to promote band family businesses and neighborhood businesses. Information about this event will go to all the LHHS feeder pattern schools and families plus the neighborhood. This is a great way to get your business name out there!

More info will come as we have it – so please be on the lookout for Harlem Wizard 411!

SENIORS AND PARENTS OF SENIORS: It’s not too late to get your monogram information to Mrs. Jenkins! Please send your choices to cindy_jenkins@yahoo.com ASAP! Also, SENIOR PARENTS: please remember to send a baby photo (for the slideshow) to Starla Horstman at smhorst@sbcglobal.net. The deadline for photos is March 1st.

ARE YOUR BAND FEES AND TRIP FEES UP TO DATE? You can pay those online via Charms or drop a check in a MARKED ENVELOPE into the band safe. Please contact a director if you are behind and need to get caught up OR if you need to discuss financial payment plans!

To pay via Charms:

  1. Go to the Charms website https://www.charmsoffice.com  and log into your child’s account (school code is lhhsband).
  2. Enter the area marked “Finances” (there is an icon of an open wallet and money).
  3. For band fees choose “Pay Fixed Payment” and pay via PayPal.
  4. For trip fees choose “Pay Miscellaneous Payment” and pay via PayPal, making a notation that the payment you are making is for your child’s Corpus trip.
  5. Log out of Charms.

VOLUNTEER INFO: While the spring semester is less intense with regard to volunteer needs, there are still plenty of ways you can offer your time. Please email Amy at a_daryani@att.net if you would like to make sure you are getting the updates about volunteer needs, and don’t forget to complete your required RISD background check at http://www.risd.org/group/community/VolunteerOpportunities.html so you are eligible to help when needs arise.

Don’t forget to put these important dates on your calendars:

  • THURSDAY, 2/7: FMJH Play-a-thon from 4:30 to 7; we are still in need of volunteers for this, so please let us know if you can help!
  • FRIDAY, 2/15: Second payment is due for the Spring Trip!
  • SATURDAY, 2/23: Chamber Music Festival! Details to come!
  • FRIDAY, 3/22: Final payment is due for the Spring Trip!
  • MONDAY, 4/22: Harlem Wizards fundraiser! Details to come!
  • FRIDAY, 4/26- MONDAY 4/29: Spring Trip to Corpus!

Please let us know if you have any questions- we are always happy to help any way we can!

Amy Daryani                 972-841-5005

Sherwin Daryani          972-824-1691

LHABC Co-presidents, 2018-19