Good evening,

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving break!  Please check your student’s objective sheet as many pass-offs occurred in the week prior to the break and this coming week.

Jazz Ensemble (Jazz 2) meets Monday afternoon and Thursday morning

Mr. Klett will be with the bands on Wednesday during classes

Musical rehearsals Tuesday/Thursday morning before school

Thursday: Full Orchestra w/Berkner & LH strings in Band Hall! 5:00-6:30pm

Different than what was previously communicated, ONLY the following students from 1st period are involved in the Full Orchestra Thursday afternoon and Friday morning:


  • Jenkins, Lily
  • McNamara, Valerie
  • Poole, Claire


  • Dries, Natalie
  • Ferguson, Caroline


  • Daryani, Connor
  • Spiewak, Helene


  • Everett, Lilliana
  • Pucci, Dino


  • Cooper, Lexi
  • Polston, Jackson

French Horn

  • Butler, Grace
  • Iltis, Carson
  • Reed, Jackson
  • Sullivan, Dexter


  • Griffin, Waverly
  • Locke, Sharice


  • Johnson, Jack
  • Stevens, Jacob
  • Wanja, Ronald


  • Ford, Nicholas
  • Horstman, Ethan
  • Howard, Ben
  • Lopez, Christina



Full Orchestra performance at RHS

Meet at LHHS in full formal uniform at 8am

Bus takes us to RHS – Arrive at 9am – concert begins at 10am

You will be missing 1st-5th periods that day

Bring money – the bus is stopping at Cici’s after the concert!

Saturday is A BUSY day!

Richardson Holiday Parade for ALL students NOT auditioning for Region Band plus the LH Drum Line

Drop-off location – Richardson HS Band Hall BY 7:45am in marching uniform (NO SHAKO OR GAUNTLETS).  You also need your flip folder and music (Jingle Bells). Gloves are ok – please wear them!

You MUST pick up your marching uniform and instrument Friday afternoon and take it HOME with you!  Be dressed in marching uniform on Saturday morning when you arrive

Rehearsal in the Richardson HS Band Hall – 7:45am

We will line-up for the parade at 8:30am and should be finished between 9:45-10:00am.

Plan on being picked up at Pearce HS when the parade ends, NOT Richardson HS!

Phase 1 Region auditions are @ Berkner HS starting at Noon on Saturday!

Sign-in times will be sent out separately as they are received

YOU are in charge of your own transportation!

If you advance to Phase 2, that will be MONDAY afternoon/evening at Berkner

Have a great week!

Levi Chavis