The band did a phenomenal job handling all of the things thrown at them this past week. We made it to the 6 week progress report, through Homecoming, VR and our first contest of the season!

Despite some frustrating weather, our Wildcat Band put on an extremely solid performance at Midlothian on Saturday. We placed 5th in the Prelims round of the competition – great job!

This week:

Morning Rehearsals Monday-Thursday as usual.

We have some special guests joining us this week!

Tuesday: Mr. Michael McIntosh will be working with the full Marching Band in the stadium.

You can read more about Mr. McIntosh HERE:

Thursday – Mr. Jeff Bradford will be with us! He is the former Wildcat Band director and is currently our RISD Executive Director of Fine Arts.

THURSDAY is our game this week!  Start time is still 7:30pm (even though it’s a weeknight) and after-school looks the same as this past week: rehearse, eat, dress, march to stadium. We are the visiting team so we perform first at halftime and sit on the away side of the stands.

Friday: We have rehearsal 10am-Noon and then everyone gets to enjoy a 3-day weekend!

Thank you for your continued support – GO WILDCATS!

Levi Chavis