Good afternoon,

Below is what is going on the next two weeks – we are excited about our first competition coming soon!

Morning rehearsals Monday-Friday 6:45-8:15am

Wednesday – school dismisses EARLY at 2:10pm – do homework J

JAZZ – All-Region Auditions begin promptly at 7pm on Wednesday at North Mesquite High School.  You are encouraged to carpool.

No game this week – Enjoy the weekend OFF!

The following week is VERY busy with Homecoming, Varsity Revue, Midlothian Marching Contest, etc:

  • VR Dress Rehearsals on Monday/Tuesday are ONLY for VR performers that auditioned – NO marching band required!
  • Wednesday – Marching Band call time is 4:30pm in the band hall
  • Thursday – VR performance: Marching Band call time is 8:00pm in under uniform: black athletic shorts, black shirt, long black socks, black shoes.  We will get dressed in FULL uniform (no gauntlets/gloves/shakos) in the Band Hall together since we haven’t worn the full uniform yet!  It is very important that we do this together and make sure we are all on the same page.
  • Friday – Homecoming Game day! We are wearing full uniform for the game: you need to have your gloves, black athletic shorts, black shirt, LONG black socks (no logos) and marching shoes.
    • 4:10pm School dismisses
    • 4:30pm Rehearsal in Stadium – wearing under uniform (black shirt/shorts/socks/shoes)
    • 5:15pm Eat in H-building cafeteria
    • 6:15pm Call time in arcs wearing FULL UNIFORM with instruments/water/flip folder

Reminder: uniform rules apply – NO makeup or jewelry, hair must be up

  • Saturday – Midlothian Marching Contest!  All contest itineraries are attached to  e-mail sent on 9/17/18.

After the band performs in prelims, we will return to LH.  Due to VR performance and the Homecoming Dance the band will only be performing at prelims.

Levi Chavis