Good evening,

There have been questions about the weather for tomorrow, so I wanted to shed some light on our protocol based on the weather we are dealing with.

Morning rehearsal: If it is raining, we will start in the Band Hall. Plan for rehearsing in clothes other than your summer uniform. The band will have plenty of time to change between rehearsal and loading the buses.

Game: If there is any lightning the game will be delayed. There must be 30 minutes of clear skies after a visible lightning strike. The amount of time we are delayed would dictate whether game is postponed or cancelled. Assuming there is no lightning, the game will continue. I am not aware of any specific protocol regarding how long they wait before cancelling if rain/lightning continues.

If there is rain: ALL band students will have a poncho to wear in the stands. Ponchos will be distributed before we leave tomorrow morning.

PLEASE do not plan on bringing your best instrument tomorrow! Bring whatever you consider your marching instrument. Woodwind instruments will stay in cases and either remain on buses or be stored under bleachers or in the concourse. If the rain is light, Brass/Drums will still play in the stands wearing ponchos.

The field is natural grass, so there could potentially be MUD!

Depending on how much rain, we would determine whether the field is safe for a performance. At the very least, we would perform for the Highlandettes (They have an alternate routine they may perform if the field is too slick).

It is hard to predict, but if rain is constant then we will not bring out the woodwinds, front ensemble or electronics for halftime. This will also prevent us from performing the show.

Thank you for your flexibility – go Wildcats!