Hello fellow LHABC members! If you are new to our band program, we welcome you and hope that your band student is having a wonderful time, even without much sleep. We also apologize for bombarding you with SO much so quickly! Rest assured, this is NOT typical.

As you may already be aware, our Homecoming is incredibly early. With it also comes an LH tradition called Varsity Review TALENT SHOW, or VR as it is commonly referred. Click here to learn more about what VR is, that it is a major fundraiser for our band program, and how you can help volunteer in various ways. With performances for VR scheduled a little over one month away, September 27 and 29, we are feverishly working behind the scenes to have everything complete and need your help.

One of the ways you can help is to present local businesses and community with the opportunity to promote themselves, by placing an ad in this year’s VR program. This is explained in our solicitation and ad letter. If selling ads is not your thing and you know of someone or a business that would like to have an ad in the program, let us know and we’ll be happy to follow up with them. The deadline for ad graphics and payment is fast approaching, September 10. Please contact Lori Read at gwrlnr@flash.net if you are interested.

In addition and new this year, we are selling individual shout outs in the program, and also a small number of live shout outs during the actual performances, in order to increase our ad revenue. Deadline for program shoutouts is September 18, and Live Performance shoutouts is September 21.

Lastly, if your student or group of students is interested in auditioning with an act (anyone from the school is welcome and not only band students) for VR, pick up an audition form from Mr. Singleton in the band hall or click here. Forms must be returned to the folder outside the band hall no later than August 31 at 4:30pm, which is also approaching soon. Audition times will be posted after Labor Day on September 4.

Many thanks,

Lori Read and Kristin Roan

VR Co-Chairs