Happy Summer, LHABC Band Families!

Our 2018-19 year is off to a great start after two busy days of Kickoff Camp and pre-registration. Thanks to all who attended our first-ever pre-registration days- you’ll get a fast track for our mandatory registration on Saturday, August 11!

We still have some important LHABC Board positions to fill, so please take a look and consider joining the board- we’d love to have you!

Videographer: This position can be split among two people! Our videographer attends football games, competitions, and performances, videos from an AIR CONDITIONED press box, and uploads the video afterward.

LHJH Rep (newly open position): LHJH Rep works to communicate to our 6-8 grade band families, coordinate donations for LHJH directors’ gifts, and assist with LHJH Band events as needed.

Second Historian: We are in need of someone who can learn the ropes from Carolyn Sullivan and serve to replace her when she rolls off of this position at the end of the coming school year. Historian must have camera equipment, attend events to photograph our band, percussion, and colorguard, upload photos to our Flicker account, and take photos for various publications, programs, etc.

Sub-chairs for Ways and Means:

  • Snap Raise fundraiser is already underway, but Jennifer Newman (Ways and Means Lead) could use someone to help see this through. This sub-chair communicates with the Snap Raise rep, serves as a liaison between the rep and LHABC, keeps students on track with the fundraiser/emails, etc.
  • Organize Mattress Palooza by coordinating date with Mattress Palooza rep and directors, getting info into community, coordinating volunteers for the event, and serving as liaison between the Mattress Palooza rep and LHABC.
  • Restaurant Night sub-chair sets up dates for Spirit Night fundraisers in local restaurants and gets the word out about these events with LHABC families and in the community.
  • Raffle sub-chair selects time-frame for NorthPark Gold raffle, organizes the selling of raffle tickets, and carries out the process
  • Sponsorship sub-chair organizes sponsors brought in by LHABC families, ensures that sponsors are receiving all perks for their sponsorships, communicates with all other LHABC chairs that are involved in sponsorships (i.e. Varsity Revue program ads)

A great way to keep the dust off instruments over the summer is to schedule some summer lessons with private instructors! If you’d like more info about private lessons instructors, please contact James Rees, james.rees@risd.org so he can put you in touch with the right person for your band student.

Important dates for your calendar:

  • July 29- Burger House Spirit Night and Freshmen Family Welcome! Join us at Burger House from 5-9 pm!
  • July 30- FIRST DAY OF SUMMER BAND!! (7 am-11am/12:30pm-4pm) “Band Time” arrival is 15 minutes early so you’re ready to begin at 7!
  • August 11- Mandatory Band Registration (10 am-2pm)
  • August 14- Board meeting (6 pm)/mandatory general meeting (7 pm)
  • August 17- Parent Preview (7 pm) Join us to get a glimpse of what our band students and directors are working hard to prepare for the marching show!