LHABC Sponsorship Program Needs YOU!!!

Sponsorship Letter

We are rolling out our sponsorship program, and we will need every band family to help make it a success!

Our band fees are currently 2-3 times less than many other area schools’ band fees, and it is our goal to keep it that way, BUT in order to do that we need to step up our fundraising game. That’s where this sponsorship program comes in! If each of our band families reaches out to area businesses, band alumni, etc., we can make this sponsorship program a success and keep our fees low.

Attached is the letter for prospective sponsors as well as the outline of the different sponsorship levels we are offering. We would like each of you to commit to hand delivering at least one sponsorship letter/outline to a business or person you believe would have an interest in sponsoring our wonderful program.

Thank you for your family’s continued commitments to LHABC. It is the hard work and dedication of our students, directors, and parents that make this program what it is!