Newsletter – Oct 23rd

Hi Band Families! Wow, what an amazing month this has been so far… football games, 2 marching contests, Varsity Revue, Homecoming, etc! What a great group of kids we have! They have worked so hard all month and it has shown in their contest results and their performances.  So proud of all of our Wildcat Band kids!  We also have an amazing group of volunteers that have … Continue reading Newsletter – Oct 23rd

UIL -Wednesday, Oct 25th

I hope you all had a great Homecoming weekend! The band did a wonderful job at Varsity Revue and we all survived a super busy week.  Thank you to our band families and parent volunteers for helping make everything work! Morning Rehearsals are Monday & Tuesday (6:45-8:15am) and also Friday (7:15-8:15am). UIL Marching Contest is on Wednesday – we are giving the band the morning … Continue reading UIL -Wednesday, Oct 25th

Weekly Schedule: Oct 16th

We have a busy week ahead with Homecoming, Varsity Revue and our final full week preparing for UIL! Morning rehearsals are the same this week! 6:45-8:15am every morning.  UIL is a week and a half away! Wednesday – 4:30pm call time for VR rehearsal.  Meet in Band Hall and Mr. Rees will walk band to Auditorium Foyer.  This will be a very SHORT rehearsal (30 minutes max) Thursday – 8:30pm … Continue reading Weekly Schedule: Oct 16th

Wylie Results

WOW! What a great weekend for the Wildcat Band!  Final results from the Wylie Marching Invitational can be seen below.  The band had a tremendous Finals performance!  Directors have lots of great feedback from judges that we will be using over the next week and a half to finish our competition season strongly – We took a huge step forward this weekend! Prelims results can be seen … Continue reading Wylie Results

Wylie Marching Contest is tomorrow Band families!!!

Mr. Chavis sent out an awesome Wylie Itinerary 2017 for tomorrow (Saturday, October 14th). Please be sure to check your email or the calendar on the website for all the specifics.  I just wanted to follow up with some details for you… 1.    Call time for kids is 8:30AM, so they need to be there before that so they are ready to play in the stadium at 8:30AM.  They … Continue reading Wylie Marching Contest is tomorrow Band families!!!

Wylie Contest – Saturday, Oct 14th

Below is the link to the detailed itinerary for the Wylie Marching Contest this Saturday. Wylie Itinerary 2017 Parents, come send the kids off around 10:50 – 11:10 AM. It was REALLY exciting to see so many fans in the LH section of the stands with the Red, White and Black flags cheering us on in Midlothian – we’d love to see you again at … Continue reading Wylie Contest – Saturday, Oct 14th

Wylie Marching Contest Volunteer Opportunities

Hi Band Families! We have the Wylie Marching Contest happening this coming Saturday, October 14th and we need lots of hands to make it happen.  Please sign up to help in any area that you can. It is a fun way to get to know the kids, to encourage and cheer them on and help get them ready for their performances!  We need people to help serve meals before … Continue reading Wylie Marching Contest Volunteer Opportunities

Midlothian Contest Results

WOW – what a weekend! The band was really impressive in their first weekend of competition! At the Midlothian Marching Showcase, the band put on two great performances and finished 3rd place overall. Multiple judges ranked us 1st or 2nd place in both the Prelims and Finals competition.  We are very proud of everyone! Thank you to the wonderful parents who helped make yesterday happen … Continue reading Midlothian Contest Results