Volunteer Opportunities

If you want to help with the band, there is always a place for you!   Each game day requires help in many helping hands to put on a show and support the kids.   Opportunities include serving meals at LHHS, Chaperoning, helping the Pit Pops cook or move instruments, taking photos and so much more.

But first, if you plan on supporting the Lake Highlands Area Bands by volunteering, please take a moment to fill out the RISD Volunteer Form.


Photos–  Carolyn Sullivan, Band Photographer, is looking for you and your photos! If you are a photographer and would like to help out by taking photos at some band events, please contact her at gigglesqueak@gmail.com

Meals – If you would like to help serve meals before the football games, please click here: Meal Sign Up or contact Starla Horstman.

Chaperone! – Yes, you can be a chaperone!  Join us to ride the bus, supervise in the stands, and help on the field!  This is a great way to connect with your kiddos, get in your volunteer hours and meet other parents.  Sign up to Chaperone for one or more games, click here: Chaperone Sign Up

And for a free trip to the contests, you can sign up to Chaperone for Midlothian & Wylie here: Contest Chaperone Sign up

Pit Pops – Help with cooking, loading trucks, equipment and just having a good time as a Pit Pop by signing up here: Pit Pops Sign Up

 Help with Mums.  We are outsourcing the making of the mums, but we need some assistance to hand out forms during lunch time.  There are several locations & dates where we will need your help the High School Lunch Room and Student Center and also in the Freshman Center Lunch Room. The band will make a percentage of all sales & the LHHS students need a place to get their mums. Please signing up to help!  Signup Genius Mums

Varsity Review – In Bloom.  Planning for Varsity Review is under way and looks to be a great show.  If you are interested in helping with this fund raiser, please contact Amy Daryani.