We are excited about our first Football game this Friday!

Please make every effort to be on time and fully prepared for morning rehearsals – your grade depends on it!  Thursday and Friday morning rehearsals will be in the STADIUM.  Please plan accordingly and be here early enough to get your equipment and yourself to the turf field on time.

If you haven’t turned in your forms from registration by the end of your class period on THURSDAY, you will NOT be allowed to go to the game.  A full list of all missing forms is posted in the Band Hall.  Students have been reminded since last Thursday.

Wednesday – ALL band classes need to bring concert instruments to school.  We will be practicing/performing Region music in class.

Friday – Pep Rally at the end of the school day! Wear an LH Band shirt all day!! We will wear our Black LH Band shirt for the pep rally.  Don’t forget – we are wearing summer uniforms this week.  Polo and shorts were provided, but you must supply your own black belt and black ANKLE socks.  You will also need your LH water bottle – just like you do at ALL band events!

Please keep sharing our Snap-Raise fundraiser link!  We are closing in on our goal and would appreciate any help we can get!  Thank you for helping keep our band fees low and ensuring we can provide for all band students!

Next week: You have Labor Day OFF – ENJOY IT!  We will be rehearsing Tuesday morning AND afternoon next week to make up for it.

Have a great week!