Here are a few reminders for you all as you get ready for the first week of summer band:

1.       HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE! Drink lots of water starting now and bring a good sized water bottle with you to all practices. You can refill it in the band hall.

2.       Join us Sunday night at the Mockingbird location of Burger House for our first band restaurant fundraiser.  Get out of the kitchen, eat some yummy burgers, mingle with your band friends and directors! We will be there from 5-9PM and the band makes a percentage of all sales from the evening. 

3.       Schedule for next week is from 7-11AM outdoors, lunch break, and 12:30-4PM indoors.  This time schedule will also be the same on M-W the following week.  Remember that 7AM in band time is actually 6:45AM so that you can be ready to go at 7AM.

4.       Kids need to wear cool clothes and supportive tennis shoes. Bringing a hat, sunglasses, cooling neck towel, etc. are things that will also help. Be sure to wear lots of sunscreen as well.

5.       Send a lunch with your kids if they will be staying on campus during lunch break. Kids will be allowed to eat inside in the halls since we want to keep all foods off of the new band hall carpet.

6.       Have kids eat a good dinner the night before, drink lots of water all week long, go to sleep early and a light breakfast before coming to practice.  The heat and the hard work can sometimes upset their stomachs during morning practice.

7.       Be sure to send your child with their summer uniform so that they can be fitted during the week. It is also a good idea to try on their marching shoes and other pieces at home to see if you will need a different size. Those extra items can be ordered at registration.

8.       Registration is on Saturday, August 5th from 10AM – 2PM.  You will come in alphabetic order according to your last name (A-F at 10AM, G-K at 11AM, L-P at 12PM & Q-Z at 1PM). Look for a more in depth email to come regarding registration on Monday or Tuesday.