The LHABC Board is still looking for a few good folks who might be interested in getting more involved.  We are so blessed to have such a large group of kids in our band and amazing directors!  In order to accomplish all the amazing things this year, it takes a village of helpers.  We would love for you to consider being a part of our LHABC Board this year!  Here are the places that we still need to plug in a few great volunteers…

Publicity & Marketing – This role is responsible for promoting a positive image of the Band program to the public through local websites and news outlets throughout the year.

Ways & Means Chair – Puts together a committee that manages existing fundraisers not otherwise organized by a standing committee (Snap, Mattress Palooza, etc.) and finds new fundraising opportunities throughout the year.

Ways & Means Sub-chairs

  • Snap  – Is a Fall fundraiser.  Be in contact with the Snap rep and help them; incentives for the kids. 
  • Mattress Palooza – Winter fundraiser.  Get in touch with mattress contact; get a date set on the calendar;  distribute flyers and yard signs; get the kids to volunteer for day of sale.
  • NorthPark Gold Raffle –  Flexible as to when do this – one year did Christmas and another year did it for Mother’s Day.  
  • Restaurant Fundraisers (year-round) – Pick out different restaurants and set up date to have night that we advertise.  Set up places and dates on calendar and advertise on FB, signs etc. 
  • Other fundraisers or New fundraisers – Kroger & Tom Thumb (year round) sign up happens on registration day, and they must be renewed every 12 months. Butter Braids (Color Guard) fundraiser – schedule time for rep to bring samples to a general meeting for folks to try.  Any new ideas…

Thanks so much for considering getting more involved if you are not already! Thanks to all of you who are already serving as well! Many hands make fun and light work…

Bob Brashear       

Jennifer Newman