Homecoming Mums…URGENT!!!

Dear LHABC parents,

Some of you have returning upper class-men while others have freshmen at LHHS. Either way, your student is fortunate enough to have chosen band as one of their electives. Band is the largest student group on campus which means you have the biggest support group in continuing to raise them. Consider yourselves lucky because band is a wonderful activity which will help them and you form memories for life.

One of those memories will probably be Homecoming: the game and the dance. A decades old tradition in Lake Highlands is the Homecoming mum or armband that students wear to school on Homecoming Friday either at school, at the game or both. As part of that tradition, LHABC has created these items by hand. It has regularly been one of our top 3 fund raisers for the operating budget.

This year LHABC does not currently have a leader for the mum project but the preparation must still continue. Please remember the old adage that many hands make light work. As you attend band registration, please take home 1 or more prep projects. Use your television unwind time to cut some ribbon or string trinkets on curling ribbon. The Olympics begin in just 2 days and we all know that the next 3 weeks it will captivate some our time. Why not keep your hands busy while your mind is entertained?

For those of you who do not have a board position, please give serious consideration to the Mums Chair role which for the 7 weeks are critical. This position can actually be shared between 2-4 people allowing more flexibility in your individual schedules to have a successful mum season. Leadership is missing. Neither of us can meet this need; our students are out of the band program.   However Charlotte Williams, last years Mum Chair is ready to train a team as soon as we have one in place. For anyone with questions about the process or requirements of the roles, you can call her at 214-926-0288.

This important Lake Highlands High school band tradition NEEDS YOU! Please answer the call to be one of many volunteers and/or leaders to make this large task happen.  Please call Cary Pillers (214-564-5934) or Darrin Diffee (972-897-1808) if you can step up to this opportunity.  Thank you!


Charlotte Williams
2015 Mums Chair

Anita Siegers
2012-2014 Mums Chair

Charlotte Williams



Phil Alvarado
Director of Bands
Fine Arts Coordinator
Lake Highlands High School