Band Uniform Fittings

Dear Parents/Guardians: We have a large number of students who need to be fitted for both marching and concert uniforms.  The task is proving to be quite a challenge to the very small committee currently working.  We would sure appreciate your assistance! Volunteers needed to fit Marching and Concert Uniforms: August 4-5:  12-4pm for Marching and Concert Uniforms August 8-10:  12-2 for Concert Uniforms August … Continue reading Band Uniform Fittings

Homecoming Mums…URGENT!!!

Dear LHABC parents, Some of you have returning upper class-men while others have freshmen at LHHS. Either way, your student is fortunate enough to have chosen band as one of their electives. Band is the largest student group on campus which means you have the biggest support group in continuing to raise them. Consider yourselves lucky because band is a wonderful activity which will help … Continue reading Homecoming Mums…URGENT!!!